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Dr. AbdulKarim Al Ojaimi was born in Hail and completed his general education therein. He received His first bachelor’s degree in Anesthesiology from the university of Qassim. Following that, He received his second bachelor’s degree in Science of Anesthesiology and Surgical Practices from the university of Cardiff based in UK. This was followed by receiving bachelor’s degree of Health and Social Care Studies from the University of Bolton based in UK.

He completed His postgraduate study to receive the MA in Science of Healthcare Management from the university of Manchester based in UK, and later, He received the PhD in Performance Measurement and Development from the College of Engineering* at Cardiff University.

On the professional level, Dr. AbdulKarim Al Ojaimi started his career at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in 1993. Then in 1995, he moved to King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh, where he served for 22 years until 2017. He started as Anesthesia Specialist, then a He became the head of the anesthesiology department and the founder and director of the Anesthesia Technique Educational Program and a member of the Department of Surgery. Following that, he became the director of the department of scheduling, data, and developing surgical practices.

Dr. AbdulKarim Al Ojaimi, the CEO and Founder of Alam Almaqahi, was profoundly passionate about Coffee since He established the first coffee shop back in 2001 as it was the beginning of His whole journey. Since then, He was led by passion to travel all over the world to learn and explore everything related to specialty coffee, coffee shops, and training courses related to Coffee. Additionally, He was enrolled in number of training courses from international organizations that are specialized in Coffee. As a result, He was the first Saudi citizen to obtain certified certificates from Italy in 2004 to become after that, Q-Grader, Espresso Beverages Grader, a Professional Barista and official member of both the European Specialty Coffee Association (SCAE) and the American Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) since 2005.

After that, Dr. AbdulKarim Al Ojaimi has established the first professional roastery in KSA in 2015. This was the time when the first specialty coffee beans harvest was successfully imported from Colombia in 2006. It was a real breakthrough for specialty coffee industry in the Saudi market and the actual beginning of professional local roasting.

It is worth to be mentioned that training and development in the field of Coffee has a particular attention for the Founder of Alam Almaqahi, Dr. AbdulKarim Al Ojaimi. He launched several training courses in Coffee making and in development and supervision of Coffee shops operation in 2004. Following that, He established and commercial systemic training center to qualify over 300 baristas of hotels staff and Coffee shops in the Kingdom.

In 2017, dr. AbdulKarim Al Ojaimi has established Alam Almaqahi Academy as the first accredited center in KSA. The academy provides courses of The European Specialty Coffee Association (SCAE) and American Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) for all levels, which later united to become one organization known as The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

In 2018, the Academy was authorized as a training center for the Coffee Sustainability Institution in the GCC and became the first to grant The Q-Grader certification and license in the GCC, which is the top qualification in Coffee field that is granted by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). 

Dr. AbdulKarim Al Ojaimi has participated in forming a system concerned with everything related to the Specialty Coffee in The International Coffee and Chocolate Exhibition. The goal of this is to gather individuals who are interested in Coffee, as well as workers and loves of the Specialty Coffee all in one place to introduce them to the field and work on developing it and create better commercial opportunities to highlight it, locally and internationally. Over the past years, this has resulted in making effective events that included local championships and competitions, which now became among the international competitions in the field of Specialty Coffee. 


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