Online Return and Exchange Policy

- The return of food products requires that the request for return be within three days from the date of purchase, and that the product in its original       condition be unchanged and as delivered, together with the original of the purchase invoice.

- The replacement of food products is required to be ordered within five days from the date of purchase, and the product in its original condition

   shall be unchanged and as delivered and accompanied by the original purchase invoice.

- Aqahi have the right to inspect the products and refuse to return or replace if there is a change in the condition of the product, or the customer's

   poor storage, and cafes will not bear the cost of returning the items to the customer's headquarters.

- Return includes all items except appliances, electrical machinery, accessories, spare parts and maintenance fees cannot be recovered and


- The transfer of items to Aqahi headquarters with the offer of return or replacement is the customer's responsibility.

- Aqahi terms and policy apply.

Refund of payment

After checking the returns, we will refund the payment (bank transfer - Saudi network) to the customer's bank account within 5 to 10 days.


The organs are subject to the requirements and guarantee of the agent.

Goods received under the customer's responsibility. If there is any appearance defect or shortage of quantities, the goods must not be received prior to notification and confirmation of the situation, I shall bear any appearance defects or defects before signing the receipt from the customer.






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