Privacy Policy

Privacy and confidentiality of information:

Aqahi Platform places confidentiality and privacy of its users and visitors as a top priority. The Website Management makes every effort to provide high quality service to all users. The Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information below are part of the Website's Terms and Conditions of Use.

This policy is applicable to all users and customers of Aqahi

How to get customers' personal information ?

Aqahi does not collect personal information about visiting users or browsers of the site unless they choose specifically and with their knowledge to provide such information by creating an account on the site. The creation of the account on the site is the consent of the user to be subject to these privacy provisions and terms of use.

Personal information collected:

The following information is collected for the purpose of shipping and delivering products: your name, address, email, mobile number.

In addition to the bank's name and the name of the account holder from which the amount is transferred for the purpose of verifying receipt of the payment.

How we use information?

We may use the data we collect from you when you register on the website in the following ways:

· In order to personalize the user experience and communicate the quality of the contents and offers of products of interest to you.

· In order to improve our website to provide you with better service.

· In order to provide a better service for you in case you encounter any problem and enquired by contacting customer service.

· In order to conduct your transactions quickly.

· In order to send messages regarding your purchases, or offers that include you.

Security of Personal Information:

· To preserve your data, tight measures and measures have been taken to protect the security of information and technology used to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.

· Our employees are qualified and trained to respect the confidentiality of our customers' personal information.

· No information specific to our customers is ever sold to anyone.

· All shipping companies we deal with are bound by a privacy policy that is not inconsistent with the website policy.

· We do not keep any Visa Card numbers or information or bank account details.

Contact us:

If you have any feedback or queries regarding the Privacy Policy, contact us : [email protected]






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