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    Original heating element for Linea Classic 2 Grp AV steam boiler.

    Length: 290mm

    Voltage: 220v

    Wattage: 2000w

    Groups: 2 Group

    Metal heating elements are made from an 80/20 alloy of Nickel and Chromium called Nichrome. This material has a fairly high resistance, is malleable enough to form into a wire, and has a melting point high enough to prevent failure in normal use. Heating elements have to withstand water and changes in temperature. The outer sheath of an element is made of copper. This is because it is easy to form, has great temperature conductivity and is water resistant. The element wire is insulated from the metal sheath with a powder made of magnesium oxide. This also has great temperature conductivity.

    Product Specification

    Brand : La Marzocco

    Flange Shape : Circle

    Length : 290mm

    Wattage : 2000w

    Voltage : 220v

    Poles : 2

    Groups : 2

    Type : Steam Boiler






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